Streamers Secrets

Do the top streamers know some secrets or are they just lucky? The answer is definitely yes, they do know something.


Admin Jeo

8/24/20220 min read

Be innovative. You won’t become the TOP-1 streamer if you keep on doing what has already been done before. You can stream games like Ninja does, only now they will watch him, not you, because he’s become the best in his niche. Therefore, if you’re going to broadcast a game that was shown by hundreds of thousands of guys before you, come up with a way to do it differently.
Getting into a Jacuzzi in a swimsuit is no longer enough to make a million dollars a month like Amouranth. You simply have to create a format that no one has implemented before you. You can be inspired by someone else's example, but be sure to improve the idea and bring to the viewers some unique content that they can get on your channel only.

The setup doesn't matter. You don't need a $ 5K camera and a top PC to create quality content. And it works that way not only for streaming. There is a joke about a customer who returned to a camera store - “You sold me a defective one, my neighbor has the same camera model and it takes awesome photos, while mine look terrible”. The same thing with streaming. The main things are vision, the hands of the author, his ability to adjust the equipment and present himself. Yes, a good setup can help convey an idea and improve quality. But the most important thing to understand is that it does not affect the final result as much as you may think. You can use your phone to transmit an image, you can improve the quality of your webcam to DSLR, if you can’t handle a $100 gear, then there’s definitely no need to spend thousands.

The audience is not interested in the answers you’ve provided everyone with, they need personal attention. You have come across a situation like the following one, haven’t you? When you announce when the stream starts this evening and then you receive dozens of direct messages - “Hey, what time is the stream today?”. Or you have posted your bio block on Twitch, but questions about your name and age keep flowing, although everyone has the answers in front of their eyes. This happens because people need personal attention and contact.

They cover their social needs with you. Take this idea and live with it. You don't have to get angry every time you receive a question, even if the answer is written in plain text.Online careers are too fast-flowing. When you hit the niche and keep doing things that bring money and views, you risk freezing in that area. You are already among the best and the motivation to strive for further heights is disappearing. And with it, the interest in your persona disappears too. And the reason for that is that someone fresher and more interesting comes.

Remember how many Twitch partners with a checkmark you've met that only a few dozen people watched. If you keep this in mind, then you can postpone the moment you become forgotten. Better yet, come up with something you can convert your popularity and experience into. Some streamers create courses, write books, create their own TV shows etc. Come up with a backup plan while you are still tall in a saddle, otherwise it will be too late later.

Preparations are more important than the stream itself. Not the most obvious idea, but live streaming is quite akin to moviemaking. Planning every piece of content is key. Ludwig admits that he spends several times more time preparing for the stream than he spends on the broadcasts. A small streamer thinks like this: I’ll launch my stream as many times a week as possible and I will play hoping that people will come over.

A top streamer, on the other hand, thinks over the idea, takes a day-off for its implementation, and only after thorough preparation goes online. For every 2 hours of live streaming, Ludwig spends a minimum of 3 hours to prepare. Let's get back to the movie analogy. Pre-production and post-production phases of a film take months, and as a result, the output we see is a 1.5 – 3 hours long movie. Think about it and decide how you’ll proceed further.